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HUNTERJOHN today is recognized by shooting editors nationwide as the definitive target for shotgun pattern interpretation. Complete simple instructions (there is a certain way to do it) and advanced design allow shooters to answer all questions regarding custom loads, offcenter shooting, critical impact hits, pellet counts, etc. These targets are oversize (38" x 40") to show the entire pattern at 40 yards.

1. Complete simple instructions printed on targets
2. © Unique design solves off-center positioning
3. Lead and Steel pellet count charts printed on targets
4. Unique 38 x 40 inch oversized target
5. Targets fold down to 9 x 10 inches for easy storage and record keeping

Testimonials: See what our friends are saying about Hunter John Targets!
Three target silhouettes to choose from: Turkey, Clays, Duck
Unique oversized paper (38 x 40 inches): Who says size doesn't matter?